The “Big Green Heart” Tour

When it comes to understanding the impact that Lyme Disease has on the lives of individuals and families, there’s no better source of reference than going straight to the proverbial horse’s mouth. That’s why in October of 2014, we launched “The Big Green Heart Tour” – a campaign to bring awareness to the eight hundred and twenty-two people diagnosed with Lyme Disease every single day.

In thirty days we traveled over 10,000 miles and interviewed more than seventy Lyme Fighters in over twenty states. And that was just our first trip! We hope to do many more. In fact, our goal is to show people the impact that one single day has on the lives of eight hundred and twenty-two people, which is why we’re going to keep planning trips until we’ve met and interviewed eight hundred and twenty-two Lyme Fighters.

Check out the gallery below to learn about the Lyme Fighters we’ve met so far (more pictures coming soon!)and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know when we’ve started posting the interviews (coming May 2015).


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October 11, 2014: Met our first Lyme Fighter- the wonderful Delaney- at the Sacramento Oktoberfest where she showed pain, fatigue, and insomnia who's boss by directing a German dance troop. After 8 years of misdiagnoses, and just two weeks after her Lyme diagnosis, she's determined to make the most out of her "good" days until she's healthy and strong again.

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